The Anti-Fairies, as their name suggests, are the opposites of fairies. The anti-fairies are responsible for all the bad luck on earth and, according to Cosmo, Friday the 13th is "their Christmas". Each fairy has an anti-fairy counterpart, who is their exact opposite in both personality and morality. Examples of anti-fairies are Anti-Cosmo (Daran Norris), a cynical, evil, but smart English anti fairy who is hinted to be the leader of the Anti-Fairies, and Anti-Wanda (Susanne Blakeslee), portrayed as a dumb, hillbilly fairy who eats with her feet. The Anti-Fairies reside in Anti-Fairy World, an enclosed environment within Fairy World, first shown as a chamber with a gate guarded by Jorgen. After Timmy accidentally set them free on Earth, Anti-Fairy World was later turned into a prison-styled containment facility, where residents live in cells and wear suits preventing them from using magic. The high levels of security were still deemed penetrable, due in part to a specific group effort to get Anti-Cosmo out of Anti-Fairy World to be used as a donor for an operation. The Anti-Fairies serve as the main villains of The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide,Fairly OddBaby Faires Revealed,and Fairylympics.