Cosmo and Wanda

Cosmo and Wanda Cosma (née Fairywinkle) are the fairies who are assigned to Timmy Turner's as his fairy godparents. They are considered to replace Timmy's loving, but stupid, biological parents. To keep themselves a secret, they usually masquerade as Timmy's pet fish and live in a magical castle inside of his fish bowl. They often change into other animals to disguise themselves as they tag along after Timmy. In the show's earlier seasons, they were a loving, charming couple, but in later seasons they developed into the insensitive male/nagging female stereotype. Timmy is forbidden from revealing their existence, the penalty being to lose them for good, though there are many loopholes to this rule. In the beginning of Season 6, they have the first fairy baby in over 10,000 years, whom Timmy names Poof. It is also revealed in "This Is Your Wish" that Cosmo is directly responsible for many historical tragedies, such as the volcanic eruption which destroyed the city of Pompeii in Italyand the sinking of Atlantis. He also destroyed Pluto in "Vicky Loses Her Icky". Wanda is also responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Throughout their careers as fairy godparents, they have been assigned to many famous icons, such as Tina Turner and Bill Gates. The two have even been the Godparents of Denzel Crocker. Before Poof was born, Cosmo was the youngest fairy in existence. It is revealed in Cosmo Rules that Cosmo is Jorgen's cousin.