Doctor Bender (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried in "The Same Game", "Scary GodParents", and "Shiny Teeth"; Butch Hartman onwards) is an evil dentist. He has an obsession with perfect teeth and is intolerant toward anyone who does not have quality teeth like his. He hates Timmy the most for his massive overbite, and was first seen in "The Same Game". His son, Wendell (also voiced by Gottfried), is just as tooth-hygienic as he is, but hates it when his dad scares off other kids, using this as a reason for being friendless. As a dentist, Dr. Bender enjoys performing seemingly pointless work on children's teeth. He even encourages children to eat refined sugar to boost his business, as seen in the Halloween episode "Scary God Parents". He once stole Chip Skylark's shiny teeth, but lost them to Timmy, who used special tools from the Tooth Fairy to get them back. He makes a cameo in School's Out! The Musical during the "Kids Just Being Kids" and "Adults Ruin Everything" songs. He was last seen in "Teeth For Two".