Foop in jail

Foop (voiced by Eric Bauza) is the Anti-double of Poof and the son of Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda. He is supposedly the first Anti-Fairy baby born in 9,000 years. Since every Fairy must have an Anti-Fairy counterpart, Poof's Anti-Fairy counterpart was born to Anti-Wanda and Anti-Cosmo, with the former giving birth since in Anti-Fairy Pregnancy females do so, as opposed to males giving birth in Fairy Pregnancy. Because Poof is so nice and attracts so much positive attention, Foop is evil and is extremely jealous of his counterpart. Foop wants nothing but to destroy Poof, and he cares not for anyone who gets in his way including his fellow Anti-Fairies. Unlike Poof, who causes bad things to happen when he cries, Foop causes good things to happen. Foop is the only known anti-fairy for not having its name starting with anti.

Foop resembles Poof, but he is shaped like a cube rather than a ball. He also was born with a black mustache and goatee on his face, the kind typically seen on stereotypical villains or drawn on pictures as vandalism. His pajamas are slightly darker blue than his skin, and they have a skull symbol on them. Foop has bat wings and a black crown like all Anti-Fairies. His wand is a baby bottle with bat wings on the side, as opposed to Poof's rattle. He also speaks with a stereotypical British gentleman accent. Foop has a second personality thanks to being in Abracatraz too long. It supports Poof, causing him to argue with himself. Since he is the anti-fairy counterpart of Poof, Foop's name is actually Poof's name backwards (Anti-Cosmo noting after he named him that the name sounded far more evil in his head than it turned out in reality). Foop may be a parody of Family Guy character Stewie Griffin as the two ironically share the same personality.

Now he's a student of the Spellementary School. He debuted in Fairies Revealed.