Norm (voiced by Norm Macdonald in the series and Robert Cait in Fairy Idol) is a genie tired of being trapped in his lava lamp. He longs to be a fairy godparent and sabotages a "Fairy Idol" contest to become one. Norm hates Canada (ironically, both Norm Macdonald and Tara Strong, the voices of himself and Timmy/Poof, were born in Canada), apparently because they've "had it too good for too long". Norm has appeared in several episodes to torment Timmy. He was named after the actor who voices him, Norm Macdonald. In the episode "Back to the Norm," Norm joined forces with Crocker to attempt to destroy Timmy Turner, but grew tired of Crocker's multiple failures in his plots. In the end, he asked Timmy to send Crocker to Mars (a repeated suggestion throughout the episode which Crocker ignored). Norm served as the main antagonist of Fairy Idol. Norm can't escape from three things:magic lamps or lava lamps,the charms of Baraba Eden,and Smoof as show in Genie Menie Meny Mo.