Titlecard-Pixies Inc

Pixies Inc. (all voiced by Ben Stein), are an organization of magical creatures who are like faries, but they treat magic like it's a business, portrayed as monotonous businessmen who do not like anything that is fun. The pixies utilize mobile phones instead of wands, dress in predominantly greyscale outfits, and require that wishes be submitted as multiple written copies and be subject to approval. The Head Pixie (H.P.) and Sanderson are the two heads of Pixies Inc. On numerous occasions, they have attempted to take over Fairy World and replace all fairies with pixies using elaborate business schemes. In their self-titled debut episode, they managed to pull this feat off in a hostile takeover, and also gave Cosmo the position of "rice president"; however, the fairies later regain control when Timmy challenges the Head Pixie to a winner take-all round of miniature golf. The Pixies serve as the main villains of School's Out! The Musical, Fairly OddBaby, and Fairies Revealed. All pixies (other than H.P.) are identical to Sanderson. Despite their deadpan personalities, any musical numbers they are a part of are most often with them rapping in Def Jam fashion.