Poof Flyboy
Poof Cosma (voiced by Tara Strong) is Cosmo and Wanda's only child, and Timmy's little fairy godbrother. He was introduced into the series in the 2008 special Fairly OddBaby. He was the first fairy baby born in over 10,000 years, the last one being Cosmo. His untapped magical powers are channeled and controlled through his magic rattle. "Timmy" is the first word he says other than his own name (which is pointed out in the episode "Mission Responsible"). Every time Poof burps, lightning occurs.

He is very attached to Timmy, and will cry when he's not around. Depending on how he is feeling or what he is. There is now a new character called Foop (aka Anti-Poof), and undoing, a variety of different things can occur. In Wishology, Poof becomes a Ninja after watching a movie based on Timmy's victory against the Darkness. As with most young children, Poof quickly adapts to the violence that he sees or has watched. His favorite games are hide and seek and spaceman as revealed in "Planet Poof" and "He Poofs, He Scores".

Poof was shaped like a ball when he was born, in comparison to Cosmo's birth in "Fairly Odd Baby", which had him shaped more like a human. He is a new sidekick puppy to Timmy, as Cleft the boy chin wonder, when he visited like Poof, who was ball-shaped he was born, is cube-shaped[citation needed]. Poof also seems to have a bond with Denzel Crocker as revealed in the episode "Bad Heir Day". He is also skilled at wrestling as seen in the episode "Planet Poof". In A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! Poof says his first words (spoken by Randy Jackson).