Remy Buxaplenty (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is an archetypical wealthy kid, one of Timmy's rivals. Despite being very rich, Remy is usually unhappy due to his wealth-distracted parents, who neglect him; the reason why he has a fairy godparent, Wanda's ex-boyfriend Juandissimo. Both Remy and Timmy are aware of each other's fairy godparents, discovering them on their own. He continuously tries to remove Timmy's fairies, primarily out of jealousy of not having both fairy and human parents who love him. In the episode the big bash almost at the end it seems he and Timmy put aside their differences and become friends, but in the episode Operation F.U.N. he betrays Timmy and they become enemies again. Aside from Timmy, he is the only known child in the series with a fairy godparent, though many episodes have featured a cameo of at least one unknown child with his/her fairy godparent. His last name is a pun of "Bucks a Plenty."