The Bronze Kneecap (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is the archenemy of the Crimson Chin. Formerly known as Ron Hambone, he was a former famous jai alai player known for his numerous third-place wins. At one point, he was about to claim a first-place win for the first time, only to trip over the Crimson Chin's eponymous chin. This led him to melt his trophies into a villain suit, and was known from then on as The Bronze Kneecap. His primary goal is to take revenge on the Chin, and is often shown sticking out his kneecap, saying "Don't make me use this". He has also robbed banks, although it is mentioned that he does not require the money due to his wealth. He remains a villain because of a lack of an apology from the Chin. In the first Crimson Chin webtoon, he had the Chin strapped to a giant mechanical leg, and would have had his enemy pulverised by a giant doctor robot, until Timmy's intervention in freeing the Chin. The reflex however caused the leg to kick a giant soccer ball towards the City Hall of Cincinnati, which Timmy deflected back onto the Kneecap.